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CHIP Priorities 

The three priorities for the 2023-2028 CHIP are: access to healthcare, behavioral health, and environmental health. These priorities were created using population health data, written and verbal feedback from residents, as well as priorities and goals of our community organizations. 

Abstract Background


Access to Healthcare

  • Create inclusive health resources that expands access to care for our evolving population's needs.

  •  Provide mobile healthcare approaches to address access to basic healthcare needs.

  • Bridge gaps in healthcare access by strengthening relationships across healthcare systems.


Behavioral Health

  • Conduct quality improvement processes to refine inter-organizational policies and procedures.

  • Educate community members on various health topics through community "pop-up" events.

  • Promote the inclusion and voices of youth in our efforts to address emerging health needs.


Environmental Health

  • Advocate for and promote programs that improve the physical environment.

  • Encourage and collaborate innovative approaches that foster an environment of inclusion and diversity.

  • Support the advancement of accessible resources that address the health needs of our community.

Abstract Background

Meet the Specialists

The health department will have 3 co-chairs supporting the coalition's work over the next few years. Meet them below! 

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