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What is it and how does it impact me and my community?

The Community Health Assessment (CHA)

Public Health has three main functions: assessment, policy development, and assurance. The CHA is an important assessment conducted every 5 years to support health departments in identifying needs and gather assets in the community, as well as to collect and analyze data. 

Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP)

Using the data and working with community partners, the CHIP is essentially a plan for how the health department, community leaders, and organizations can develop solutions to the needs identified This plan creates a path for those solutions to be applied, and the structure to be evaluated over time. This plan is created every 5 years and fuels the programs and outreach that we do. 

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Community Impact

None of this is possible without you! Through conversations, surveys, partnerships with organizations in our community already providing support to our residents, and other data, this plan was formed for Greenfield and its residents. 

How can I become more involved in the coalition and/or events put on by the coalition?

There are many ways you can get involved! You can:

  • Attend community events sponsored by the coalition

  • Participate in the coalition by attending meetings and helping to plan and help events and programs

  • Interact with the coalition online and help us spread the word of upcoming meetings and events

Are there opportunities for youth to get involved and if so, how can we participate?

  • Attend community events sponsored by the coalition

  • Participate in the coalition by attending meetings and/or volunteering to help at events

  • Reach out to the health department to do trainings for your after school activities (QPR training, Narcan training, or other topic of interest)

  • Share event information, volunteer opportunities, and meetings with your friends and family

Our Community Partners 

  • Advocate Aurora Healthcare

  • American Indian Council on Alcoholism

  • Ascension Wisconsin

  • CleanSlate Medical Center

  • Greenfield Board of Health

  • ​Greenfield Board of Public Works

  • Greenfield Engineering Department

  • Greenfield Farmers Market

  • Greenfield Fire Department

  • Greenfield Health Department

  • Greenfield Public Library

  • Philippine Center Free Medical Clinic

  • ​​School District of Greenfield

  • Southwest YMCA 

  • Synergy Homecare

  • West Allis WIC

  • Whitnall School District

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