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How can I become involved with Nutrition and Physical Activity? 

Prevent chronic illness, reduce stress, and to simply live the healthiest life possible

Individuals and Families:

Organizations and Institutions:

  • Support active breaks

  • Implement a workplace wellness program

  • Participate in the Nutrition and Physical Activity Committee

  • Identify and support policies and/or programs that promote healthy eating and physical activity patterns

  • Offer healthy snack options in the cafeteria and during meetings

  • Provide education on teach skills like gardening, cooking, meal planning, and label reading that help support healthy eating patterns

Community and Systems:

  • Explore mixed-use city development to encourage walking

  • Maintain green space and parks

  • Leverage cross-sector collaboration

  • Support community gardening and the Greenfield Farmer's Market

  • Foster partnerships with food producers, suppliers, and retailers to increase access to foods that align with the Dietary Guidelines

  • Promote the development and availability of food products that align with the Dietary Guidelines in food retail and food service establishments

  • Encourage participation in physical activity programs offered in various settings

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