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Ways to Support 


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As a Partner:

  • Help around the house

  • Look after the other children

  • Help guard off too many visitors

  • Help her find breastfeeding help if she needs it

  • Cuddle with baby and change diapers


As a Visitor:

  • Bring precooked meals

  • Offer to help with the housework

  • Bring her things while she’s nursing

  • Listen to her worries and give praise to her breastfeeding efforts


As a Community:

  • Know the breastfeeding laws and allow moms to breastfeed in public

  • Support breastfeeding employees by providing a private room other than a bathroom with a nearby sink, refrigerator, electrical outlet, table, and a comfortable chair.

  • Become a breastfeeding friendly child care center or workplace


Please visit La Leche League GB to find more ways to help support a breastfeeding mom.

For more information on how to become a breastfeeding friendly child care center or workplace, contact the health department at 414-329-5275

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