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Goals and Objectives

The goals and strategies for this coalition were strategically developed and focus on developing efforts to address underserved populations in a culturally competent manner, improve access to care, and address injustices within our community. They were developed using a context that included internal and external influences and included a wide-range of factors that were taken into consideration.


Goal 1: Prevent or reduce substance misuse and abuse among youth and adults in the City of Greenfield.

Strategy 1.1: Increase collaboration between community organizations.

Strategy 1.2: Increase awareness and decrease stigma.


Goal 2: To create a positive, vibrant community that permits and encourages successful aging among all adults.

Strategy 2.1: Increase awareness of Alzheimer’s and Dementia related conditions to reduce stigma in the community.

Strategy 2.2: Increase educational programming offerings, including leverage partnerships, related to “key life issues” that impact the adult population.

Strategy 2.3: Increase information dissemination and increase advocacy.


Goal 3: Ensure residents in and across Greenfield will have access to the resources to live a healthy lifestyle and demonstrate behaviors that support a healthy lifestyle.

Strategy 3.1: Increase fruit and vegetable consumption among Greenfield residents.

Strategy 3.2: Increase the percentage of breastfed infants.

Strategy 3.3: Increase the amount of residents meeting the recommended minutes (150 minutes) of physical activity per week.

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