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2019 Healthiest Greenfield Coalition //

Our Accomplishments //

2 Community QPR Sessions and 2 City Employee QPR Sessions

2 Opioid Prevention Campaigns

Memory Cafe and Memory Connection Center (HUB)

Stepping On Fall Prevention Classes

Farmers Market Educational Outreach

Bike/Walk Map for Greenfield

2019 Outreach Plan //

Coalition Goals:

  • Increase visibility at community events 

  • Engage youth and teens

  • Strengthen community partnerships

  • Create event calendar

  • Create coalition charter

Behavioral Health Committee: 

  • Opioid education campaign 

  • AODA prevention education on February 1st

  • Host 4 Narcan (naloxone) trainings

  • Ethan's Run Against Addiction

Healthy Aging Committee:

  • Stepping On Fall Prevention

  • Music and Memory

  • Advance Care Planning Outreach

Nutrition and Physical Activity Committee:

  • Farmers market educational outreach

  • Bike and walk map promotion

  • Playground exercise challenge

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