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Goals and Objectives

The goals and strategies for this coalition were strategically developed and focus on developing efforts to address populations in a culturally competent manner, improve access to care, and address injustices within our community. They were developed using a context that included internal and external influences and included a wide-range of factors that were taken into consideration. Defining success in these areas may include a variety of efforts which will be evaluated regularly to align with evolving community needs. There will be ongoing collection of data, feedback and evidence-based practice to inform decision making.


Goal 1 (Access to Healthcare): Ensure access and quality of care by identifying and reducing disparities and barriers to care.

Strategy 1.1: Create inclusive health resources that expands access to care for our evolving population's needs.

Strategy 1.2: Provide mobile healthcare approaches to address access to basic healthcare needs.

Strategy 1.3: Bridge gaps in healthcare access by strengthening relationships across healthcare systems.


Goal 2 (Environmental Health): Increasing accessibility to resources that benefit the physical, social and financial environment of a community.

Strategy 2.1: Advocate for and promote programs that improve the physical environment.

Strategy 2.2: Encourage and collaborate innovative approaches that foster an environment of inclusion and diversity.

Strategy 2.3: Support the advancement of accessible resources that address the health needs of our community.


Goal 3 (Behavioral Health): Ensuring personal wellbeing by reducing stigma around mental health and supporting healthy behaviors.

Strategy 3.1: Conduct quality improvement processes to refine inter-organizational policies and procedures.

Strategy 3.2:Educate community members on various health topics through community "pop-up" events.

Strategy 3.3: Promote the inclusion and voices of youth in our efforts to address emerging health needs.

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