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How can I become involved with Behavioral Health?

Mental Health, Addiction, and Substance and Alcohol Misuse

Individuals and Families:

  • Get trained in QPR Suicide Prevention 

    • Contact Abby Gorecki at 414-329-5275 for more information

  • Share social media posts to raise awareness

  • Attend a community screening of a documentary

  • Participate in Light and Unite Red Campaign activities

  • Lock up your medications

  • Do not drink and drive

  • Talk to children about bullying (online or in-person) and promote healthy behaviors

  • Do not host underage drinking parties

  • Participate in the Behavioral Health Committee

Organizations and Institutions:

  • Participate in Light and Unite Red Campaign activities

  • Contact the Health Department to train your staff and/or members in QPR Suicide Prevention

  • Raise awareness and conversation about reducing stigma

  • Share social media posts

  • Engage healthcare providers to leverage resources

  • Provide educational materials

  • Host activities aimed at reducing youth suicide, self-harm, and saying no to drugs

  • Participate in the Behavioral Health Committee 

  • Support community led and/or grassroots efforts

  • Utilize the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program

  • Provide trauma-informed care staff training

Community and Systems:

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