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Our Vision: Our vision is for our community to be a place where all people can enjoy the best health possible.

Our Mission: Our mission is to create awareness of the critical health needs identified and advocate for data-driven solutions to support optimal health and wellness in our community. 

Our Values: 

  • Building partnerships

  • Serving and Listening to All Voices in the Community

  • Striving for Fair and Equal Access to Health Resources

  • Building Evidence-Based Solutions

  • Community and Inclusiveness

Painted Heart
What Guides Our Efforts?


The Healthiest Greenfield 2022 Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) helps guides our efforts. CHIP was developed using a community-driven process to outline the strategic goals and objectives for action to improve our community's health. This plan will be in place for the next four years. 

Meet Our Leadership Team!

- Abby Gorecki


- Denise Collins


- Dan Weber

- Darren Rausch


- Alex Yanez

- Sheila O'Brien

- Renee Rollman

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